Let Us Help You Start Your Nonprofit!

Our Board of Directors support is designed to develop and enhance leadership skills and increase diverse volunteer participation in nonprofit board and leadership positions.  HillChase LLC gives participants the tools to serve as effective board members of local nonprofit agencies. Support includes fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, and financial and legal compliance.

Board of directors training can help a board fulfill its role and make a real difference to a organizations performance. Our program takes you through the mechanisms of the world’s best performing boards and helps you explore your board challenges and uncover solutions. It takes a practical and pragmatic approach – because every board has a unique role in the organization's oversight and duty to stakeholders.

Nonprofit board education and training is a vital part of any board’s development. Whether board members need help mastering their responsibilities to better govern an organization, or your chief executive wants to strengthen the board-staff partnership, enhanced educational offerings can help you achieve your goals.

Our support provides an opportunity to bring your board together and focus on key aspects of nonprofit board service. Whether you’re looking to improve your board’s already strong performance in an area or learn more about a topic your board has less experience with, we’re here to help.

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