Let Our Fundraising Team Help Your Nonprofit Succeed

In today’s economy, many nonprofit executives are concerned about establishing revenue sources to sustain their nonprofit long-term. Having a diverse funding model is essential to the success of any nonprofit. Here at HillChase, we offer a myriad of fundraising solutions that are valuable tools to help organizations to move forward effectively.

What Do We Offer?

At HillChase, we offer organizations assistance in developing fundraising strategies.  We provide the tools necessary for nonprofits to start and sustain successful fundraising activities. Our Services include Capital Campaigns, Year-end Campaign Development, Solicitation Strategies, Online Fundraising, Sustainer Campaign Setup, Impact Story Writing, and Donor Appreciation Tools. Having various solutions to choose from, HillChase can assist your organization in establishing a fiscal advantage for future growth and sustainability.

Why Choose Us For Your Fundraising Needs?

Outsourcing your Resource Development to HillChase guarantees the success of your fundraising efforts.  As you know, fundraising is an essential activity for all nonprofit organizations. Although organizations perceive the 501c3 status as the resolution to all funding activities, without fundraising efforts donations will fade, and your nonprofit could be at risk of closing its doors.

Moving forward with services at HillChase entails more than just document or product completion. Our company has successfully served thousands nationwide with solutions to help advance their mission, vision, and aims. 

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