Generate Funding Needed To Grow And Expand Through Corporate Sponsors

To be a thriving nonprofit organization in a shifting socioeconomic environment is a daunting task. Most nonprofit organizations struggle with financially sustaining their cause. Accordingly, building your organization’s capacity is vital to surviving and achieving your mission. Here at HillChase, we can assist your organization with the development of the tools you need to kick-start your sponsorship campaign. From a donation request letter to a custom-made corporate sponsorship brochure, our nonprofit professionals are prepared to help your nonprofit succeed.

What Do We Offer?

Our Corporate Sponsorship Services offer organizations a comprehensive model to address their Corporate Engagement needs. With services including, but not limited to Corporate Engagement proposals, Corporate Marketing Toolkit, and aligning Corporations to meet the growing needs of the organization.  This model will assist your organization in laying a solid foundation for future growth and sustainability. 

Why Choose Us To Prepare A Corporate Sponsorship For You?

Having a diversity of funding sources for your organization is essential. Targeted sponsorship campaigns allow organizations to generate funding for expansion, investment, and marketing efforts. HillChase offers all the items necessary to be successful in acquiring sponsorship, from a one-on-one consultation with your board and strategic planning team, to grant writing, and more.

Many nonprofits are unaware of how to engage corporate sponsors. Organizations that have a cohesive approach to corporate sponsorship are abundantly successful. Let our nonprofit professionals move you forward in fiscal suitability and programmatic growth.


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